Monday, April 26, 2010


Let's just get this all out in the open right now, I know I'm a slacker, you all know I'm a slacker, so needless to say, it has again been way too long, so I guess you'll just have to put on your reading glasses and get ready for some long and lengthy updates.  I think I should just plan to update every six months, that way there are no expectations, since that seems to be the current on going theme!  Enjoy.

April Showers

We kind of went from very cold, snowy weather, to fairly warm, dry weather.  So, a couple days ago when it started to rain, the girls made the most of it by playing in the wet and muddy conditions.  Their clothes are still soaking in oxy-clean!

Washington DC...repeat

David had a conference in Washington DC for the American Association of Cancer Research.  He also received a research award (travel money) and was able to present a poster at the conference.  So, he invited me.  At first I was reluctant because it sounded like too much work to get babysitters for an extended weekend, but after talking to our friends the Runyans, we found out they were planning to attend a conference the next month, so we decided to swap! We had a really good time and because we were just there in August, we didn't feel the need to just sight see, so instead we enjoyed the city, some great cuisine, (thanks to a former DC friend's recommendations) a really nice hotel and just being together.

We were even able to meet up with Dave's dad who is currently serving as a mission president in Canada, but because most of the East Coast Mission Presidents were in DC for a conference as well, we were able to visit for a short time one evening, but it was fun to see him!  So, thanks Craig for letting us stop by so late.

Because Jeana and Abby's cousin got a monkey while we were in DC over the summer, that was their one request from me.  Anyhow, I got home in the afternoon and gave them their souvenirs and Jeana put hers right to work.  The monkeys did homework while she did homework (if you look closely, you can see them all holding pencils).

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Camping in Kentucky

I think our whole family was ready for a break, especially Dave.  So, when the Runyan Family invited us to tag along, and even though Dave really didn't have time to take off, he did anyway and we went camping down by Mammoth Caves in Kentucky.  It was a beautiful national park, but a drive.

We did do a little caving or rather playing with flashlights under the ground.

And we all, including baby Kate, made the 2 mile hike.

Notice the girls all have two braids in their hair--thanks to Deanna.

Runyan family.

Funny thing is, the water and mud was the the girls favorite part of the trip, I'm sure the water was cold, but during the day it 80 degrees and at night 50, so I guess to them the mucky water was refreshing.

This is the mud they found in the first five minutes of our trip.  Way to go girls!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Festivities

We had a lot of fun spring Easter festivities.  We had an egg hunt and breakfast at the church the weekend before Easter and as seen in the picture, there were some extra large eggs to be found!

Abby was putting her mothering skills to use holding one of her favorite little baby girls, Kate.
The group showing off their new found treasures.

Oh a basket full of eggs.

Egg gathering.

We also went to a community egg hunt at a local church and they gave away two baskets, one for a boy and one for a girl.  There were probably 100 kids there and Abby won the basket for the girl.  She was very tickled to say the least.

Ready to hunt and ready to go.

I still find it odd to have pictures with a dressed-up Easter Bunny if feels so different than say Santa Claus, but oh well, the girls enjoyed it.

We tried to make the hollow rolls where you tell the story of Jesus and wrap dough in around a marshmallow and then when baked, the roll is hollow inside because the mallow melts (aka the tomb), but yeah, mine didn't have as much success, they were mostly hollow.  Oh well, they were covered in cinnamon and sugar, but the girls still ate them for breakfast!

We did tie-dye egg dying this year, the girls had a good time as evidences by the many traces of colors left behind on their hands.

The final results.

These are the best shots the girls gave me of them with their baskets.  They were in a hurry to put them in a bag so they didn't get mixed up.

Abby's Easter basket(s).