Thursday, January 31, 2008

Since we showed Jeana's cute cut, we MUST include Abby's however, this is my daughter with many more opinions, so of course, she wouldn't let me cut too much off.


So, You KNOW that PHRASE "Living vIcariously through your children"? Umm, I Know that phrase WELL! Since I don't EVER Seem to be ABLE to get the HAIRCUT I want, I DECIDED to try IT on My DAUGHTER. 

(Okay, actually I was doing it partly to make her hair look
thicker and hopefully be longer in time for summer.)

So, to get the full effect, you must view from all angles.

And of course, yet another view...what a cutie! I even straightened it today and it too looked cute! I should go pro.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

*We had a couple of really good storms this year, several snow days and lots of hot chocolate! *Luckily, we did get new windows before the harshest of winter and they have made a big difference... little did I know the windows would also save me from a snowball fight too!
*I think that little sisters are good at kicking big sister when they are down, however, in this case, it is snowballing when down. *Over all, Abby's expression, describes my feelings/love for winter.