Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Modeling fun...

We found a good place to take pictures so the girls were having fun 'striking a pose.'

I dyed my hair a few weeks ago.  I was going to go a dark brown, but I made the mistake of taking Abby to the store with me.  She found a deep red and loved it and told me to try it.  I didn't really care, just wanted a change so I made the mistake of listening to my four year old. When Jeana saw my hair, she said, "Mom, you look just like Ariel! Well, not just like Ariel, but your hair looks like Ariel."  (I guess it was the lack of shells and a fin that gave it away.) 

My cute little gardeners

David surprised me this year by putting in a couple of garden boxes.  We have talked about having a garden but when we bought our house, we purchased it from an elderly couple who couldn't maintain the yard anymore and it was out of control.  Three years later, we are still struggling to get it to a manageable state, so we said we weren't going to plant a garden until the yard was in order, but my hubby knew I have been excited about one, so last Monday for FHE we planted one and my girls were really cute helpers.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Corinne Visiting too

We have an international market here in town with lots of fun things.  Everyone wanted to take a "royal seat" with Aunt Corinne.  The doors are deceiving b/c behind the fake outhouses are actually really nice bathrooms.  

My little fruit heads posing at a 4 acre international market with crazy amounts of fun imported food.  Including my girls' favorite...baby fruit.

Graduation Day for Nate

      Well, it is official, the first "Dr." in the family.  Glad we could all be there to celebrate.
Give me an "O" for OSU...

Grandpa and Grandma in Town

Grandpa helped Jeana and Daddy helped Abby build boats at Home Depot for their kid classes the store holds monthly.

A Day on the Golf Course

The girls had a blast playing miniature golf with their cousins and Grandma too.  The Adults were taking too long trying to show me up (since I am practically a golfing pro, in fact I think in the end I still had the highest score :)), so Grandma took the kids ahead.
Jeana, who ovbiously gets all of her skills from her mom, has been mini golfing twice and both times has had a hole in one and done well on the other holes also (though in the pictures they were all sharing the green) ...HIGH SCHOOL golf scholarships...here we come!
After a long day of golfing, it feels nice to crash... wherever.

Summer Splash


we have already done a lot of swimming and hit lots of splash parks as well, even with our cousins.  Aahh... my silly girls.

               Abby's last day of school: dressed for warm weather with a good chance of rain.
Jeana's school had an end-of-year picnic at a little amusement park nearby.  And I experienced the first taste of Abby being left in the dust.  Jeana and Abby are pretty much best friends and do almost everything together, but Jeana ran into a friend at the park, and Abby was left to ride by herself.  I think this was a slight taste of the future for me and it made me kinda sad.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Okay... so for all of you out there bugging me to update my blog and post pictures, better check out all three/four pages of older posting.  I posted from January until now and am officially giving everyone the opportunity to feel updated on my life so you can appreciate my efforts to blog, b/c I still can't decide if it's my thing.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dance Recitals