Thursday, September 30, 2010

Baby's room...My new favorite haven.

I kept claiming since we were finally in a house, when we did finally have another kid, I was determined to have a cute nursery and I also claimed I didn't care if I had to buy all new things. Then a funny thing happened, I got pregnant. And I looked at the budget. And then I was sad because it seemed silly to buy a new crib and dresser when I already had one, even if I didn't really love the looks of them. So I thought I could keep being sad and jealous of so many cute nurseries I saw on-line, or I could do something about it and decorate on a budget. How you say? Well, spray paint of course! So, 18 cans of spray paint later (that's only partially a joke, I finally got smart after spraying two side panels hanging in the air to prevent dripping) and after covering david's garage with the majority of the paint...(in my defense the previous owners had also painted in his garage and I did lay down drop-cloths, but didn't think about covering everything else, oops, sorry honey) good thing it was your garage and not mine! Though mine was also filled with other painting projects.
Anyhow, after several cans of paint for furniture and about 40 swatches of bluish-green shades for the walls which Dave all thought looked the same, (and a few research studies to pay for the decor on clearance) and my kind mother who spent way to much of her own time on an adorable quilt I LOVE... I really liked the way the room turned out. Did I mention because of my stressed-induced melt down about two weeks before she came, Dave who really didn't have the time, even finished the dresser for me and helped set up the room? What a sweetie!

Ikea (and 5 pieces of scrapbook paper) totally have their place. (see picture frames)

The color of the dresser and crib before the remodel.