Monday, October 19, 2009

one word--ABBY

If there is one thing that Abby brings to our family, it is constant entertainment.  Here is why:

*She currently adds girl to the end of everything. A.k.a.--  "Jeana, you got it, girl!"

* She decided she wanted to be a baby for Halloween.  I told her they get to wear their costumes this weekend for a ward trunk-or-treat.  Abby then asked if she could wear her costume from last year, because she didn't want to get her baby outfit dirty--good thing we payed for pajamas!?

*She also stayed home sick almost all of last week.  She was really too drained to do much and watched a lot of PBS.  By Thursday, she informed me that it isn't fair that she doesn't have a sewing set because one of her friends does and said it was her favorite movie too.  It took a minute, but I realized she had been watching 'Sewing with Nancy' and 'America Sews'--several times over.  She claimed they were her knew favorite shows.  wow--didn't see that one coming, but again, only Abby.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Teachable moments

Today we were watching conference and I told my girls I wanted them to stay and listen.  We had halloween candy out and they kept asking for some.  So I told them if they could report back to me one thing they learned, they could have a treat.  President Monson was first, so Jeana was listening intently on Saturday morning.  He said something along the lines of, "We are grateful that there are so many methods in which people all over the world can watch or listen to conference, by TV, internet or radio."  Jeana then turned to me and said, "Mom he is talking about electricity.  Now, can I have a treat?"  Well, She was listening, I guess she just missed the point.  Oh well.  Abby's answer was "about temples."  Though she tried that same one twice without expanding on the subject.