Friday, October 31, 2008

Aahhh the CaNdY!!!!

Jeana wanted to be Snow White this year and I thought it was a great opportunity to not have to buy or make costumes this year.  So, I tried to talk Abby into several other costumes, but she wouldn't budge.  I don't know what made her want to be a Bee, but she was determined.  So, because I was not willing to pay $70 to order one online, I caved and spent several nights on it.  I asked her why she wanted to be a Bee and she replied, "So I can sting people." Yeah, she has her Dad's personality! j/k  Anyhow, in the end she was quite tickled and we had two pretty cute trick-or-treaters!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

FALL...My favorite time of year...(minus the cold weather!)

My question is...what happened to fall this year?  Did anyone else feel like time has just flown by?  We have managed to squeeze in some fun activities like a pumpkin patch and a fun trip to a local farm that we go to every year.  It is one of our few yearly traditions.  My girls were pretty scared of all the ghosts and goblins in the pictures in case you couldn't tell! :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jarom...thanks for coming to visit the family.  It was fun to have you out here and nice to hear what you've been up to.  Good luck with school etc...and I hope your new bling that you got for your Birthday will really attract all those pretty women you've been chasing, one flash of that, and you'll have it long as you don't wear the mask!


David actually got three parties this year for his birthday.  The first one was at Nate and Melinda's house b/c Jarom came out to visit and since he was also turning 30 and kind of gets a little short handed with his birthday being so close to Christmas, we threw David, Jarom and Nathan a surprise party.  Then, we also went to dinner with the Stevens and the Flamms and had an ice cream cake with them (mostly b/c David hates when I tell other people about his birthday...hee hee!) And then of course, the girls were excited to make a cake for him on his real birthday...all this to say, he should feel pretty loved despite the fact that he is now SOOOOO old!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

My creative creatures!

So I must admit I think my children inherited some creativity from their DAD! j/k Anyhow, Jeana was molding playdough and made an adorable witch.  My brother, Nathan, also taught them how to make bubbles with soap and dry ice.  And there is this really fun website called (I think) that my kids have had a lot of fun with b/c there are two young girls that teach simple cooking/holiday classes online...if you have little kids, I HIGHLY recommend this website.  

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Neighborhood Party

This marked the forth annual street party for our neighborhood.  I have been the host for all four (is anyone surprised?) But it has grown in popularity every year. Last year we won an ice cream party from Dreyer's and this year I decided to host a chili cook-off.  I went around to a few local business and asked for prize donations and I was actually shocked by everyone's willingness.  So, we had a great turnout, perfect weather and neighbors already asking about next year!  It does take a little effort and planning, but I feel so much safer knowing my neighbors and knowing we all keep an eye out for each other!