Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Day

A day for fools... and a fool I must be because I think it is a fun day...maybe that's because I still have young children?!

Here is what we've been up to today...this morning Abby and I were going to switch places in bed so when Dave came in to kiss me good-bye for the morning he would find Abby...ingenious right?! Well, he ended up running late and after waking up to Kenzi an hour earlier, I didn't hear his alarm go off, so what was a cute idea on Abby's part, didn't really pan out.
Since Dave wouldn't be home until tomorrow night, we had no time left to play jokes...unless we called him in the morning on his 45 minute drive into work! Maybe Abby could still pull a fast one on her dad! So, she called him to make up a lie, wanna know what she came up with? And I quote, "Hey dad, the people need you to come home and read for 15 minutes...(and with excitement) APRIL FOOLS!" Ha ha good one, bet he thought she was telling the truth, whatever her truth meant. Jeana's was much better, "Hey dad, the Tacker's called and said they wanted us to take our dog back." Much more April Foolsish. (The dog though cute, that we once had, didn't do well with babies, and thus had to find a new home when Kenzi joined us.)

As tricky as my kids were, here are some tricks their mom played on them...(most credit goes to the family fun magazine-awesome!)

For Breakfast: (I froze water in their cereal bowls then covered with a thin layer of cereal this morning.) Ha ha the 'TRIX' on you...okay if that wasn't funny how about...

Ha ha the 'yolks' on you!!! Okay Okay I'll stop now, just had to throw a few lame-os out there...

--David has convinced my children it isn't edible cereal unless it contains 90% sugar-at the very least, so on occassion (aka birthdays or too good to pass up sales) they get to eat sugar with a hint of cereal, the eggs and bacon, though cute will have to wait until after school!

For Lunch: I have little thermoses the girls sometimes pack for lunch, but instead of something warm (aka spaghetti and meatballs) they were served up a mini cupcake with swirly frosting, a little strawberry syrup and malt balls on top. Even if they don't eat it, I'm sure they will still smile!

Their baby carrots and cheetos (since they resemble a similar color and look?!) also got the ole switcheroo, the cheetos were resealed with double-sided tape, and a gummi worm was stuck into their apple.

For dinner: It will be dessert for dinner and dinner for dessert. What looks like a cupcake is actually mashed potatoes on top of meatloaf. Haven't made it yet, but will see how it goes.

Funny side note: When I got married I didn't know the difference between a meatloaf and a roast, now I do, but still don't know how to cook either one!

Now this is more a fare our family enjoys. Abby actually likes sushi, Jeana prefers rice. Both LOVE potstickers and stir-fry and would probably take it over fast food any day. Their poor dad is sick of both!

Now that we are done with stuffing our faces with was one last fun idea (from same familyfun magazine) I thought was cute...roll a dollar into the toilet paper roll. (I have yet to see how this will pan out, but I am 'banking' (another pun...I am on a roll...another wise remark...) on no major arguments all in good fun, but who knows I might be giving up two dollars today!

Happy April Fool's FRIDAY!