Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Favorite Soda Pop

We went to Justin and Deanna Stevens' house for dinner on Sunday and they introduced me to a new favorite pop.  It is 'Sunkist Cherry Limeade.' It was the first time I had tried it and, wow, fabulous (I am not much a of a pop drinker so I have never looked for it in the store, but supposedly it is fairly new.)  Anyhow if you love a 'Shirley Temple,' you will love this!  Yum-o.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

SCHOOL-My big 1st grader!

Okay, I know I am behind on the posting and haven't even added summer yet, but I just had to write today with mixed emotions.  I thought I would have a really hard time sending Jeana to kindergarten, but luckily it was only half day and she was SO excited to go I felt ready for it. However, today she started 1st grade and I thought I could cry...I have managed not to yet and since she has almost made it through the day I might survive. :) 
As I was packing her lunch (which is actually something I look forward to- now anyway) I started thinking about how somebody besides me will get to spend the majority of the day with my daughter and she is going to come home with new ideas and tastes based upon what her friends like.  I dread the day she stops liking her favorite foods because her friends say they are gross or a movie because she is too big now.  
Last night we put her hair in curlers and she woke up three times wanting mom to fix them, really I think she was excited and nervous and too unsure to sleep.  So, I convinced Dave to give her a Father's blessing for the new school year and I think it helped her feel a little better (and maybe mom too.)  So--that was a lot longer than intended, but I am excited for her and I am confindent that she will stay the same sweet, loving Jeana--- I can't wait to hear all about her first day--- I guess we all have to grow up sometime I just didn't realize how fast that sometime would come!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Good 'Ol Cali...

We were able to take a family trip this summer to California.  We got to meet up with all of Dave's family and the cousins had lots of fun together at Disneyland, swimming and dancing at Garth and Kelsey's reception.

We spent a day digging in the sand at the beach, it was a windy day, but all the kids had fun playing in the water in L.A..  We also had lunch at Stephanie's grandma and I must say she is an awfully cute grandma and a wonderful host.  It was so nice of her to let us all crash at her house for the afternoon with so many little kids.
I must admit the sweetest part of the trip was getting to be there for Garth and Kelsey on such a special day.  They really are an adorable couple.  And hey...there is nothing like meeting your sister-in-law for the first time when she is at the alter! :)  We just wish we lived a little closer to the clan.
We decided since we travelled half way across the U.S. we might as well hit some hot spots.  So we headed down to Seaworld after the wedding and my kids had a blast.  Abby was so excited to finally see "shampoo," but I think she has the name right now.  Jeana got a cute little polar bear cub as a souvenir, dressed it up and I don't think it has left her side since the trip. 
We of course ended the trip with 110 degree weather at the Wild Animal Kingdom and though it was fun, it was one of those ONLY once in a life time opportunities (by choice of course.) It was hot and to be completely honest, I didn't think it even compared to our local Zoo, but I must admit I am not a fan of either.  I try to be a good sport when it comes to animals, but in all honesty, I only put up with most animals to keep my kids excited about them.  Abby did get to feed a Giraffe not too long ago and thought that was a lot of fun. 
OKAY...So this picture deserved a page of it's own, but out of sheer laziness, it is getting combined with the rest of the trip.  We finally made it to an In-N-Out Burger and after all the ramp and rave, I must admit it far exceeded my expectations, however we were given many tips previously on what to order, thanks Jeremy!  Anyhow, it was good and needless to say, even my kids loved it, maybe it was the milkshake that sold them?!