Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Party at our House!

Nathan and Melinda and Family joined us for New Year's Eve.  They even brought the entertainment!  No, we aren't ready to start a family band, but Emmett I think might be a future rock star!

 This was definitely the hot spot for the weekend and Taylor Swift was of course the favorite.

 We began the evening with yummy food and a family favorite (minus Dave because it requires effort to dip and eat:)  Fondue.

I think Abby might have had a little too much sugar over the course of the week, oh wait, nope just her personality.  Her bright idea was to use a pink marshmallow, with chocolate lines and when stuck to her nose would look like a pig...well needless to say, the other kids followed suite.  It is never very hard to distinguish Abby's place at the dinner table from all others.  She seems to manage to get just as much on and around her as in her mouth!

 The kids all joined in on the count down in NYC on TV.  They loved the blow horns and the toast with Sparkling cider.

  On New Year's Day, we decided to take the cousins to the Zoo to see the festival of lights.  We thought we had enough coats and hats, but didn't anticipate the weather being SO cold.  We didn't even look, just assumed if we were bundled we'd be fine.  Well, we were wrong.  Surprisingly, our trip lasted a couple of hours, but we tried to stay inside.  We watched the Polar Express in 4D and visited the reptile house, we finally ended with a puppet show outside sitting on extremely cold cement!  We decided to leave and on the way out, the boys were in tears because of being so cold.  When we got home, we looked up the tempture and with wind chill it was -6 degrees!  Oops sorry!

They did get to see a few gingerbread people, which everyone, especially Lindsey thought was pretty cool.

The camera didn't do it justice, but the lights at the Zoo are well done.  It only took us 5 1/2 years to buy a zoo pass and actually visit it at Christmas time!

Uncle Nathan and Emmett.  What a cute reindeer Emmett makes!

Poor little guy didn't cry or complain at all.  Such a sweet boy.

 Because I felt so bad about all the frozen fingers and toes, and because cousin Ethan is currently reading Harry Potter and is loving it, I told the kids we could make 'hot buttered beer' when we got home, which they all enjoyed.  Once they were in warm pajamas and their little bodies finally defrosted, they hit the couch with Jeana and Abby's DVD players they got for Christmas.  The best part is, since they couldn't agree on the movie, they just watched two different ones!  Thanks Noakes Family for visiting!