Monday, September 22, 2008

I am how old?!

I hear a lot about having 'mommy brain,' but I don't think I fully appreciated the phrase until this year.  I think somewhere along the way I lost any short term capacity I once had.  And it only gets worse, I would say thank goodness for calendars and planners, but you still have to remember to check those too!  Anyhow, I often forget how I old I am now and for some reason 27, 28 and 29 all seem to run together and depending on who I am talking to and when determines my random answer, but I guess they're all close enough.

I did have a nice Birthday and got a wonderful present.  David and I had a dining room table with chairs that had long since seen their day.  So, he bought me a new dining room table.  He helped a friend with a research project and ended up getting a pretty pay check and my sweet husband was kind enough to use it on me! Thanks honey, I love it.  Do you want to see a picture?  Too bad, you'll just have to come visit!