Saturday, July 10, 2010


As the summer went on, my belly expanded and my energy shrunk. So, as any good pregnant mom would do (ha ha) I sat under an umbrella in the shade and read a book while my girls took swimming lessons and swam for a couple of hours just about everyday. It benefited us all. My girls had fun playing the water, drastically improved their swimming skills because they weren't as nervous about the deep end, and wore themselves out by being in the sun. So, we could all just chill the rest of the afternoon and sleep well at night.

It also made the trips to their cousins house and neighborhood pool much more exciting too.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day

The life of a researcher, medical student etc... never seems to slow down. And while my hubby was hard at work on the 4th of july, we joined a few friends to celebrate the holiday because it just wouldn't be as fun without dad since mom doesn't 'do' fireworks. I'll gladly make cute treats with holiday themes and bring the food, but I leave the fireworks for dad, but since he wasn't around, we left them for the 'other' dads who weren't in the lab or on call that day.

Like I said, I will make the food and fun food at that...

David wanted to take in a treat to the office to say thanks to the doctor and nurses who had been so nice to him and let him do his family practice rotations on 1/2 a day every Friday for six months so he could have a little more time to catch up with the rest of the 3rd year medical students in the fall. So, I had WAY to much fun making a vanilla bean cheesecake, but since it was a few days before the 4th, I couldn't help but go with the theme... and it made me dream all over again about opening my own bakery, in all my free time?!

And what would a red, white and Blueberry 4th of July weekend look like without the blueberries? We skipped out last year on picking because we had just returned from a long family trip and I don't think my kids ever forgave me, so after much pestering and despite the fact that I was pregnant and very much so had the "I don't care about anything extra," attitude, my kids once again won and we had a blast. The blueberry farm here also sells these awesome apple cider popsicles that are so perfect for a hot summer day and every time I go I think I should make them, but never do.